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Animal Testing : Cruelty Free Natural Skin Care

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
This cute little chap will be subjected to awful tests!

This cute little chap will be subjected to awful tests!

Researchers from Japan’s Josai University, have published exciting research about animal testing alternatives in Pharmacetical Research Journal November 2009 [PMID: 19904581]  GOOD NEWS!. Their conclusion:

Ingredient concentration in skin can be precisely predicted using a silicone membrane

The image is with thanks from Wikipedia where the Founder (Jimmy Wales) has put a personal ‘Appeal to Read’ about animal testing of cosmetics.

Talking of images…..With Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in its final stages…..Even the Google UK Doodle competition highlights the natural beauty of the Earth, by a 15-year old artist inspired by David Attenborough’s unique perspective of Nature.

Sophie Redford(15) inspired by David Attenborough depiction of the beauty of the natural world
Sophie Redford(15) inspired by the beauty of the natural world

I would love to read your views on animal testing. I can assure you that Organic Apoteke does NOT & has NEVER been involved in animal testing. We are therefore accredited as cruelty-free and Vegetarian Society approved.

Please feel to ask any questions.

Warm wishes for the Holidays!

Herbal Skin Care : Useful Stocking Stuffers

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
Gifts that people want

Gifts that people want

The holidays are upon us. This has been a strange year, although the festive lights and decorations were up in early November, the holiday spirit seems to have been delayed. 

Hence with less than 10 days to go, I have began my present picking in earnest. Hoping that the frost and freeze in the UK does not delay deliveries as most of my shopping is being done online , I proceed to make my list.

I want to give gifts that people actually need. For me, last minute shopping will not result in presenting my loved ones with senseless and useless objects and trinkets that find their way from the back shelf to the charity store in 6 months.

Here goes my list and rational behind them:

1. Everybody could do with a  detox in January after the holiday nibbles, have been cast aside. My number one stocking stuffer is the Organic Apoteke Detox Face Mask.  All the puddings, candy and buttery roasts have their toll on your skin. This product is the ideal solution. Incidently last Christmas this sold out, so it seems that many have been thinking along the same lines.

2. Blink & Outlier, 2 books by Malcolm Gladwell. Both are real easy reads, very well written and share information we all need to know.

3. Natural, Herbal Body Cream to heal and protect winter skin. I can’t seem to have enough of the stuff this winter. My skin feeling drier than ever. Ensure you choose creams that are natural, organic and free from all the nasties. When you are covering the largest surface area with something, it has to be the best of the best. Remember everything you put on your skin gets into your body. When you put something on a larger area of your skin, more gets in.

4. Massage Vouchers at Spas close to your loved ones homes. These are easy to buy. Locate a Spa within easy reach for the recipient, either call them or go online and purchase a voucher for whatever value you are comfortable with. We all need some TLC after the last year, massage definitely makes the grade in that department.

5. A session with a lifecoach, yoga, meditation or tai chi instructor. Give them something they may not have tried but are inclined to enjoy. You many just help change somebodies life.

Natural Skincare | Harness the Anti Aging Power of Herbs

Friday, October 30th, 2009

It is not easy to draw a dividing line between therapeutic herbs and nutrition. Many plants we eat as food have quite strong actions on the body. Chillies cause some people problems (heartburn), yet others crave them daily as they cause endorphin (happy hormone) release. Even tea and coffee can have very strong effects. Coffee with its high caffeine content wakes you up and may give you a boost of much needed energy whereas camomile tea may help you relax when stressed. We are all affected by the plants and herbs that we consume.

However when you use specific herbs and plants in correct quantities in skincare, you can harness them to have the most amazing results. Just look at these two examples:

  • A combination of lemon, grapefuit and arginine (amino acid) extracted from wheat can reduce sebum production, keeping skin healthy and matte.
  • A combination of rose oil, rosehip seed oil and amino acids extracted from beets and maize can have the most amazing skin firming and wrinkle- reducing results due to the anti-oxidants, nutrients and protein stimulating effects of the ingredients that work synergistically.

We know that natural, organic products are safe because most people in the world eat a range of plants every day. Our bodies are used to consuming them, absorbing what is beneficial to us and getting rid of the waste by-products. Given that there are millions of biochemical processes going on in our bodies all the time and that there are millions of substances in plants, it is only natural that many plants have constituents that have an effect on how our bodies work.

It’s important, however, to remember that some people are allergic to specific ingredients even if they are natural. So please do ensure that natural skincare products don’t contain plant material that you may be sensitive to.

Organic Apoteke produces a range of natural, organic skincare products including an anti aging skin care range.  All ingredients are from natural botanical and mineral sources.

Natural Skincare: Herbs or Chemicals?

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

By the time the human race evolved about 150,000 years ago, plants had already been in existence for 400 million years. A great diversity had developed, yielding an enormous range of naturally produced chemical constituents. As civilization developed, people came to know which plants were good to eat and which were good to help against disease. Herbalism was the skill of using one’s knowledge of the properties of plants to improve the health of the person.

Herbal medicine was the only type of treatment available to people for thousands of years and it’s still the most easily-available form of treatment available in many parts of the world.

The best way to describe the herbalist approach is the phrase “the whole plant for the whole person”. Why the whole plant? Because the enormous range of and subtle combination of constituents in a plant will give it a unique action that cannot be duplicated by anything synthetic. Why the whole person? Because herbalists respect every patient as a unique individual and look for the cause of disease rather than just examining symptoms.

Natural, pure and organic skincare companies base their formulations on the above philosophy. Organic and natural herbal ingredients are used in quantities and formulations intended to support the whole body. At the forefront of the formulator’s mind is creating a product that is pure and safe for the entire organism.

Where’s the logic in using a product that makes your skin look great for a few months, but has the potential to cause cancer, or a multitude of other health conditions? Unfortunately when certain chemical ingredients are used in skincare, they are not tested for long enough. While the short-term results may be dramatic even amazing, the long term effects are found out years later. The ingredient is often then pulled out of the market; unfortunately it is too late for many people.

With natural and organic skincare we know the long term effects of the ingredients, as man and animals have been eating them for centuries. Companies like Organic Apoteke have formulated products using only natural and organic ingredients but also have the research to show that their products are just as effective as the chemical alternatives. Surely this is a win, win situation. Why wouldn’t you choose pure, safe and EFFECTIVE skincare over anything else?

Find out more about natural, organic skin care and browse pure, organic skincare ranges on the Organic Apoteke website.