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Natural Skin Care : Organic facial cleanser for men

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
A balanced, deep cleansing natural face wash is the first step in any acne treatment

A balanced, deep cleansing natural face wash is the first step in any acne treatment

After much nagging from my wife about the so called toxic dumps (blackheads) and volcano’s (open pores) on my face, which would erupt to produce ash  clouds far more disruptive than we are currently experiencing, I  finally gave Active Face Cleanse Gel a try.  And guy’s don’t tell my wife, but I just love it. I have had oily skin all my life with breakouts a common occurrence. I assumed that was how it had to be. Some guys looked like Brad Pit and some like an oil rig. Either way you just had to live with it. I have now been educated…. I have been using the Active Face Cleanse Gel before I shave, to clean out my pores and ensure my skin is fresh and tingling. And my skin looks pretty good, even if I have to say so myself.

I was once rushing and applied the Active Face Cleanse Gel and instead of rinsing off, I  shaved. What do you know, it worked really well as a shave gel. Hey PRESTO, no need for shaving gel. It gave me a fanstastic clean shave and my skin felt so fresh and oil free throughout the day.

MONEY SAVING TIP: if you get your partner to buy this product, then you can experience its benefits for free. Or if you are feeling generous, you buy it and share . It will definitely earn you brownie points.

Best Detox: Megs Makeup reviews Organic Apoteke’s Detox Face Mask

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
Megs Makeup reviews Organic Apoteke's Detox Face Mask

Megs Makeup reviews Organic Apoteke's Detox Face Mask

We all try to be healthy, try to avoid the nasties, but there are times when we all over indulge. The holidays are one such time. Thats okay, because there are great products that help you detox. We are all in need of those. Megs Makeup reviewed Organic Apoteke’s Detox Face Mask. See what they have to say here.

Treating Acne | The Advantages of Natural Skincare

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Organic Facial Cleanser that deep cleans to prevent breakouts and blackheads

Organic Facial Cleanser that deep cleans to prevent breakouts and blackheads



Cleansing is a very important first step for anyone suffering from acne. When it comes to acne and blemish prone skin, the cleansing stage requires special attention because the problem is complex.  This means that a face wash or cleanser needs to address many things such as daily dirt, grime and cosmetics, inflammation, bacterial infection and oil production.

A common mistake that people with acne make, is to use very harsh cleansers.  This is often because they think of the acne as being “dirty” and they want to “scrub it off”.  Although understandable, this approach only stresses the skin even more. Harsh cleansers dry out your skin and cause it to produce more oil. This results in overly oily skin that makes the acne condition worse (even if looks better for a short while).

The key to acne treatment lies in finding an natural face wash or cleanser that balances the skin, deep cleans and is gentle at the same time. While there are ingredients to be wary of such as sulfates, poor labeling standards can make it hard to know what you are getting. For example, the label could say that ingredients are derived from coconut oil, but the product could still include harsh sulfates. Although you can do your best to avoid any obviously harsh ingredients, it’s always a good idea to try a sample if possible to make sure the product isn’t too drying or too oily.

Other things to consider in a face wash or cleanser


Dead skin cells contribute to acne as they clog the pores leading to possible infection and inflammation (in other words a pimple!). Exfoliating is an important step to prevent this. Instead of using a separate scrub to get the dead skin off (this can cause tiny tears in the skin), look for a cleanser that contains fruit enzymes like papaya and pineapple to help slough off dead skin cells.


Bacteria causes acne, so your face wash should destory acne-causing bacteria, look for ingredients such as neem leaf extract which is superb at doing this.


Why do those pimples look reddish and so much bigger than they really are? The answer is inflammation. Soothing inflammation speeds up the healing process, and it also makes pimples look instantly smaller. Tea tree oil is a great anti-inflammatory.  (It also happens to be antibacterial).

Other ingredients to look out for

Bergamot: claryfying

Arginine: balancing

Lemon: tonifying


What to avoid in a face wash or cleanser

Petrochemicals: don’t allow skin to ”breath”

Alcohol: too drying

Organic Apoteke’s Active Face Cleanse Gel is a balanced, certfied organic face wash that addresses all of the above.  This makes it the perfect cleanser for maintaining normal skin types, but also an excellent choice as the first step towards acne treatment.

“What I love about Organic Apoteke?” Sarika Buldeo

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
Why Sarika Buldeo loves Organic Apoteke?

Why Sarika Buldeo loves Organic Apoteke?


That’s how my skin feels after using Organic Apoteke’s Active products and Detox Mask.

The products leave my skin feeling fresh and clean and I feel confidant and beautiful. 

Being in my 20’s, my skin is probably at its best, however those nasty pimples have a habit of popping up at the worst moments. But I have to say, that since I have started using Organic Apoteke, acne has become a thing of the past and my skin is radiant, flawless and glowing. I get compliments daily, which I simply love. So much so, that I get anxious and start ordering more when a bottle is just half emply.

At 24 one would think that your skin is usually self sufficient, but let’s not be complacent….

I believe that it’s a time to learn good habits that will set you up for life, like wearing sun protection, getting into a regular beauty regime and never going to bed with make up on.

Organic apoteke’s range is the best way to get started, it’s quick and simple routine leaves your skin feeling clean, healthy, breakout free and absolutely radiant.

I have tried and tested these products and have to say I simply love them. Thank you Organic Apoteke and thank you Nitasha for creating them. My sister does me proud.

Woman today are keen on projecting a confident image at college, the workplace and even at home. Their look is vital to maintaining this image and they will go to all sorts of lengths to keep up their appearance when they think that things aren’t going to plan. From plastic surgery to extreme dieting, we do all we can to make sure we look our best. But what many of us fail to realize is that beauty need not be that difficult.

Healthy skin is a start and Organic Apoteke gives you that. It really is a miracle in a bottle.

Buy it because it’s pure, use it because it works and love it because it’s the BEST