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Rejuvenating Starter Kit containing Organic Eye Cream on Sale at

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Organic Apoteke’s rejuvenating starter kit contains all you need to get your skin glowing. An organic cotton toiletry bag holds the following 6 products.

  • Buttermilk Cleanser 15ml
  • Balancing Rose Toner 15ml
  • Rejuvenating Face Cream 15ml
  • Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum 5ml
  • Organic Eye Cream 5ml
  • Organic Rejuvenating Face Mask 5ml
Rejuvenating Starter Kit

Rejuvenating Starter Kit

This great kit gives you Organic Apoteke’s complete rejuvenating regime. Whether you are new to Organic Apoteke and would like to try the products or are an ardent fan and need smaller sizes to take on holiday. This kit is perfect for you. The kit gives you enough product for about 3 weeks. Each of these products have wonderful anti-aging benefits. However when used in combination optimal results are seen. is launching the Organic Apoteke range by offering the Rejuvenating Starter Kit at £19.95.  It normally retails at £29.95. Click here to benefit from this offer.

PS: This kit also makes a wonderful gift. Whether you are looking for fantastic stocking stuffer on the cheap or that perfect beach bag cosmetic kit, this is perfect.

Age and Ageing : The Solution

Friday, May 21st, 2010

You may have observed how frequently our concept of age needs readjustment. Just found a great paper by Hayslip and Panek (1993) who categorise age in a number of different ways.

Chronological Age:

The length of time since birth which forms the basis of many peoples views on how ‘young’ or ‘old’ they are. But this can be contrasted with biological age.

Biological Age:

This is the physical age of ones body. If a healthy diet and exercise is maintained, body organs and processes may appear to be those of a much younger chronological age. The opposite also applies.

Social Age:

This is defined by the habits, behaviours, interests and attitudes of a person. People in their sixties may share the attitudes and interests of their children and identify with people with chronological ages of 20 to 30.  Ever heard the expression ‘young at heart’. Act young, be young.

Psychological Age:

This refers to our adaptive behaviours and the way we cope with situations. If you do not become fixed in your attitudes and are able to change and adapt to different situations your psychological age may be that of an adventurous twenty something.

Trying to describe age is subjective. Hence the concept of functional age has come into favour. Functional age is obtained by measuring performance on the above four  ranges.  This is a useful way of thinking about age as it defines us in our actual ability rather than how long we have been alive.

Can you calculate your functional age? The good thing with this, is you can take steps to improve it. Lets share some ideas on how to improve functional age. Using great, natural or herbal skin care products definitely fits into that plan.


Thursday, May 20th, 2010

WeightlossFor centuries we have known that exercise is essential for good health – it gets the heart pumping and increases circulation. We know this is fact because after a 5 mile run our cheeks are glowing red and our heart rate is up. Improved circulation ensures that all the cells in our body get the nutrients and oxygen they need.

Organic Apoteke has developed products that also get the blood flowing to your cheeks without the 5 mile run. In fact this occurs while you sit on your couch for 15 minutes.

Organic Apoteke’s  innovative products stimulate microcirculation ensuring your skin gets as much blood flowing as you would from:

  • a 5 mile run
  • a 75 minute workout, or
  • a 2 hour hike.

The research shows that the Organic Apoteke products do not help with weight loss, but do ensure gorgeous, glowing skin.

Animal Testing : Cruelty Free Natural Skin Care

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
This cute little chap will be subjected to awful tests!

This cute little chap will be subjected to awful tests!

Researchers from Japan’s Josai University, have published exciting research about animal testing alternatives in Pharmacetical Research Journal November 2009 [PMID: 19904581]  GOOD NEWS!. Their conclusion:

Ingredient concentration in skin can be precisely predicted using a silicone membrane

The image is with thanks from Wikipedia where the Founder (Jimmy Wales) has put a personal ‘Appeal to Read’ about animal testing of cosmetics.

Talking of images…..With Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in its final stages…..Even the Google UK Doodle competition highlights the natural beauty of the Earth, by a 15-year old artist inspired by David Attenborough’s unique perspective of Nature.

Sophie Redford(15) inspired by David Attenborough depiction of the beauty of the natural world
Sophie Redford(15) inspired by the beauty of the natural world

I would love to read your views on animal testing. I can assure you that Organic Apoteke does NOT & has NEVER been involved in animal testing. We are therefore accredited as cruelty-free and Vegetarian Society approved.

Please feel to ask any questions.

Warm wishes for the Holidays!

Free Anti Aging Serum: Gift with Purchase – for a Wrinkle Free Holiday

Friday, December 11th, 2009
Stock up on Organic Skin Care and receive a free full size anti aging serum when you spend $200 or £200.

Stock up on Organic Skin Care and receive a free full size anti aging serum when you spend $200/£200.

Being wrinkle-free has never been easier with this anti aging, anti wrinkle serum.While supplies last (and yes they are limited), we are offering this outrageous gift: our hottest product, proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lighten age spots, improve skin tone, reduce sagging and improve hydration. Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum is free with your purchase of $200/£200 on Shop all products now.

Natural Skin Care: Alcohol Free Products

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

There are many questions and much uncertainty regarding alcohol in skincare. I am going to try and answer as many of these questions as possible over the next few weeks, however please feel free to comment and ask more questions. Shall we make it our aim to get to the bottom of the alcohol question??

What is an alcohol?

An alcohol is a compound where a hydroxyl group (-OH) is bound to a carbon atom or carbohydrate like sugar. The hydroxyl group makes the alcohol more polar. That means it gives the alcohol an electric charge.  This hydroxyl group also enables alcohol to easily attract water.

Why alcohol is harmful to the skin?

Alcohol draws water out of skin cells. Image from Organic Apoteke

Alcohols in skincare products draws water out from skin cells. Hence alcohol dehydrates skin cells. These cells which are normally plump due to being filled with water (almost 80 % of the cell is water) are tightly packed together to form a protective barrier. The skin is an organic which has many functions of which the following two are the most vital:

  1. Preventing moisture loss from the body and also preventing too much of water from entering the body, like when we take a shower. Can you imagine what would happen if we absorbed all that water?
  2. Preventing bacteria and environmental toxins from entering the body.

However when the alcohol draws out water from the skin cells they shrink, think of a grape that is dried to become a raisin. When the cells shrink spaces around the cells gets larger. Environmental toxins and bacterial that normally will not be able to enter the skin can do so now due to the spaces being larger.

Close up of Dehydrated cells, showing the spaces between the cells that enable toxins to enter. Picture from Organic Apoteke

Recent studies suggest that a large number of people with chemical sensitivities are actually allergic to alcohol. Furthermore alcohol in compromising the skins integrity, exposes the deeper layers of the skin to environmental toxins, that may otherwise be unable to penetrate into the skin. Hence alcohol is also a sensitising agent.

Alcohol also stimulates melanocytes which can result in hyper pigmentation of the skin and increased age spots.

All alcohols, organic grain, alcohol denat as well as fatty alcohols such as cetyl, ceteryl, stearyl, benlzyl and phenoxyethanol have the hydroxyl group and have the ability to dehydrate the skin. Obviously the larger amount of alcohol in the product, the more dehydrating the product.

Natural Skincare: Tips for Sensitive Skin

Monday, November 30th, 2009

1. Avoid products that contain alcohol and Synthetic Fragrances. Look at product labels or contact the company directly to ensure products are alcohol free and also free of all synthetic colors and fragrances.
2. Check all product ingredients. If you have a specific allergy to an ingredient, ensure that it is not in a product. You can view our ingredients in our ingredient glossary.
3. Patch test all products when using them for the first time. Conduct a patch test as follows. Apply product onto the inner wrist in the manner that you are recommended to use the regime. Wait 24 hours observing the area. If you have no un-expected response – please refer to product details for the expected response; test the same regime on the temple. Wait 24 hours. If you have no un-expected response – use products as recommended.
4. Please note that with a sensitivity reaction – every time you use a product this reaction gets worse. With products that stimulate microcirculation, every time you use the product the beauty blush decreases.

Organic Eye Cream: Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Like all parts of the body, the eyes need to be nourished properly. In addition to making sure the eyes are not strained by too much intense work or inadequate light or irritated by exposure to harsh cosmetic products and environmental toxins, proper eye care includes a healthy diet containing sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Here are some tips to maintain healthy functional eyes:

Take a multivitamin and mineral complex with selenium of 200mcg daily as these destroy radicals that can damage the eye.

Vitamin A complex : 15000IU daily no t more than 10000IU if you are pregnant. Because the light absorbing retinal pigment is composed of vitamin A and protein, which are constantly being used up as images are formed, adequate supplies of these nutrients are vital for healty eye function.

Vitamin B complex containing 100mg of each B vitamin daily

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids 2000mg 3 times daily.

Vitamin E 200IU daily

Zinc 50mg daily. Do not exceed 100mg from all supplements daily.

Bilberry extract has been shown to improve both normal and night vision. Have it in tincture form or use and eye cream that contains bilberry.

Include the following in your diet: broccoli, raw cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, green vegetables, squash, sunflower seeds and watercress.

Drink fresh carrot juice which is high in Vitamin A. This can help alleviate some eye problems.

Eliminate sugar and white flour from your diet.

If you wear glasses, wear clear spectacle that have been treated to keep out UV rays. This will help protect against damage from UV exposure. Avoid wearing tinted glasses for this purpose, especially on a regular basis as dark glasses prevent the needed light from entering the eyes. The functioning of the pineal gland which plays an important role in the regulation of metabolism, behaviour and physiological functions, is largely governed by sunlight.

Never use hair dyes containing coal tar on the eyelashes or eyebrows. Doing so can cause injury or blindness. Although coal tar dyes are legal, marketing them for eyebrow or eyelash treatment is not.
Use only natural cosmetic products around your eyes. Products with harsh chemical ingredients can irritate and injure the eyes.

Mascaras, eyeliners and other eye makeup must be kept clean and changed regularly. Never use a mascara that is opened for more than 3 months. If these were at all contaminated with bacteria or other pathogens, you could infect your eye. Regularly wash make-up brushes that you use around your eyes.

The combination of nicotine, caffeine and sugar can cause visual disturbances. Reduce your intake of all 3.

Organic Face Mask: Give the Gift of Flawless Skin

Friday, November 27th, 2009
Rejuvenating Face Mask for that Red Carpet Glow

Rejuvenating Face Mask for that Red Carpet Glow

The must have product for soothing winter skin is a deeply nourishing and rejuvenating organic face mask. Our Rejuvenating Face Mask fits the bill.

Why its amazing:

  • Instantly plumps up tired and dehydrated skin so you can face party season head on
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles so your natural beauty shines through
  • Boosts microcirculation as circulation becomes even more sluggish in cold weather

 Rich in Natural Peptides, Honey and Shea Nut Butter this mask provides vital nutrients for healthy skin this winter.

We are offering a 40% discount while stocks last, so the Rejuvenating Face Mask makes the perfect gift item as well.

Natural Skincare: Exfoliation as part of your Antiaging routine

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

What is exfoliation:
Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest outermost skin cells which are dead and in the process of flaking off. Exfoliation removes these cells evenly to allow for the newer skin cells to be revealed. While the skin naturally sheds skin cells, it can do so unevenly causing different problems for the skin and overall lack of luster and radiance. These dead skin cells can also interfere with the absorption of your facial treatments.

The skin cells that you see on the very surface were born approximately 30 days ago in the deeper dermal layer. They have been growing and working their way through the layers of the skin and becoming more keratin rich, thereby becoming more protective. The skin is continually shedding these cells …

Exfoliation as Part of Anti Aging Skin Care
As part of the natural aging process our cellular regeneration slows down and the shedding of dead skin cells tends to become uneven. This causes dullness and the appearance of dryness and wrinkles is more pronounced. These additional dead skin cells can also hinder the absorption of anti aging treatments to the deeper layers of the skin. Exfoliation helps to restore luminosity and luster as well as enhancing the penetration of anti aging treatments, making them far more effective.

Exfoliating Techniques and Products for Aging skin:
Exfoliating treatments come in a variety of strengths and range from over the counter products to professional services. Some off the shelf products that might exfoliate are: cleansers, masks, scrubs, peels. Professional treatments include facials, peels and microdermabrasion.

To scrub or not to scrub:
We are focusing mainly on facial skin and the question of whether to “scrub” is essential, because while the right type of exfoliation can benefit the health and beauty of your skin, the wrong product or technique can cause damage it and have unintended results. At Organic Apoteke we do not recommend any mechanical forms of exfoliation on the face unless performed by a professional (even then we suggest you proceed with caution).

Scrubbing the skin can cause minute tears, not visible to the eye which can do two things, cause dehydration and expose the skin to bacterial infection. It can also result in excessive thinning of the skin.

Organic Apoteke offers two products which exfoliate the skin in the correct way.  Buttermilk Cleanser, an organic facial cleanser that uses lactic acid from organic buttermilk to remove and prevent the build-up of dead cells, making it the perfect initial step  in anti aging skin care. And the Rejuvenating Face Mask a nourishing  organic face mask, which provides an  intensive weekly hydration which results in the removal of surface damaged cells , revealing healthy , radiant skin below

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