Organic Face Cream : Hydration for Summer Skin

Over the last few weeks we have had queries about the need to use an organic face cream or facial moisturiser during the summer.  While our skin tends to be less dry during the summer months, it is not advisable to forgo the use of a moisturiser during this period. You don’t want your skin to become dehydrated as this would just result in it producing more oil, thus affecting the overall sebum balance.

What you could do is use a lighter, gel like moisturiser that nourishes the skin and maintains its hydration without being too rich and greasy.

However for those with very dry skin, it is advisable to use a nourishing moisturiser, what you may do is only use your face cream once per day or morning only.

If you are extremely dry, what you may require over the summer is a hydrating face mist which you could spray onto the face throughout the day. Droseros is a certified organic facial spray which you can use under or over makeup. Infused with oxygen and rose wax it both nourishes and uplifts, exactly what you need to keep cool and hydrated during these long summer days.

Organic Moisturizer

Organic Moisturizer

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