Organic Skincare can be Alcohol Free

I recently read a very interesting article on entitled “Why can’t organic skincare be alcohol free?”  There were many comments and questions about whether some alcohols were milder and safer than others. I take it to mean that this topic is of interest. So I hope to explain this. 

Organic plant & grain alcohols versus alcohol denat or ethyl alcohol

I have one question. When you drink too much organic wine, is the hangover different from when you drink non-organic wine? Most will answer no. The reason being is that the chemical composition is exactly the same for both types of alcohol. The organic may have no pesticide residues etc. but it still dehydrates you, still causes the same release of liver enzymes. It has the same effect as non-organic alcohol. This is exactly the same for the skin. All alcohol is drying.

Plant derived fatty alcohols explained

Fatty alcohols like ceteryl, cetyl, stearyl, benzyl and phenoxyethanol differ from the alcohols above only by having a fat component as well. Manufacturers will often tell you that these alcohols are derived from plant sources and some may even claim that these are derived from organic sources implying that they are safer. The origin may be natural and/or organic, but the chemicals that are used to convert that natural material into these alcohols do not meet organic standards. What’s the point in taking an organic material and treating it with chemicals?  The end result is similar to the synthetic ingredients that are used by mainstream cosmetic companies.

100% Alcohol Free organic skincare is available

Why tolerate this when it is possible to have organic skincare using no alcohol at all? Organic Apoteke has spent many years researching this and have developed products that are free of grain alcohols, synthetic alcohols as well as all the fatty alcohols. This must prove that it can be done. Products such as these are mild, non drying and great for sensitive skin.

A question for us consumers

Why are we debating about which alcohol is safer? We are just playing into the hands of the cosmetics manufacturers half truths. Why do this when there are truly alcohol free organic skincare products available.

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  1. sesame says:

    Hi Dr Nitatsha Buldeo: Thank you for writing this! I didn’t see it until now…somehow I missed it in my comments. It really helped to answer the questions I’ve been having.

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